What do we Usually Expect for June-July-August?

  • This period typically marks the first half of the wet season in Belize and the Lesser Antilles, the centre of the wet season in The Bahamas and the Greater Antilles, the transition from the primary wet season to the dry season during August in the Guianas, and part of the long dry season in the ABC Islands. This is illustrated in the Figure below (Historical Average Rainfall Totals). Click on the image to see a larger map.

  • June to August forms part of the Caribbean Heat Season (which runs from April/May to October), with the annual peak in ‘feels-like’ temperatures usually starting in August. The likelihood and frequency of heatwaves throughout the region is relatively low in June and July, but high in August. Similarly, air humidity tends to increase while wind speed decreases into August. This makes the ‘feels-like’ temperatures more stressful to the vulnerable sections of the population, and even to most persons during intense heat waves.

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